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One thing ladder stand hunters constantly contend with is the instability of the ladder stand during the initial climb to affix the top ratchet straps. One false move and ordinary ladder stands can spin out, leaving the hunter grasping for safety. The Leverage™ Outcast™ is anything but ordinary. The Leverage™ Outcast™ features an exclusive telescoping design which makes the ladder compact, easy to put up and adjustable in height. But what really separates Outcast™ is its Outrigger Stability System arms, which are deployed and strapped down from the ground prior to climbing. When you finally ascend the ladder to affix the straps, IT WON'T MOVE!

You'll notice two arms attached to the back of the platform on a Leverage™ Outcast™ ladder stand. These are the Outrigger Stability System arms and they reach down, along the side and behind the tree. The ends of these arms have straps attached to them which criss-cross behind the tree and connect below to the stand's support arm. When the straps are tightened, teeth on the Outrigger Stability System arms dig into the tree and stabilize the platform so it is safe when you climb up to affix the platform straps.